The Energy Programme from Kate Spencer @ The Lightworkers Academy

30 days to unlock massive positive change in your life

I am Kate Spencer founder of the Lightworkers Academy and my 30 day programme is going to show you how you can use energy in your life to MASSIVE positive change, release the flow & change your world.

Everything is made up of energy, including us and therefore everything has a frequency or vibration. This includes the people we meet, the homes we live in, our behavioural patterns, past traumas, thoughts and feelings and much more.

Once you start to be able to work with the universal energy that makes up life as we know it, you can transform your experience and others in amazingly positive ways.


How I Use Energy

My life has changed in ways I would never have thought possible once I started to work with energy.

I have been an experienced energy worker for a while now, but the last twelve months have seen me REALLY applying what I know and moving through life in leaps and bounds.

I have healed my physical body after a 4 year battle with Chronic Fatigue, released the trauma and emotional impact of a horrendous divorce, written, published and marketed a number 1 best-selling book (amazon), re-patterned my money consciousness and built a six figure online business.

And I started from zero…..but with a whole lot of intention, motivation and a willing spirit.
I want to help you to make the EPIC changes in your life that are possible.

And it starts and ends with Energy.

Knock Out Of Alignment

When the space you live or work in is not in alignment with you, it feels wrong and knocks you off course to create what you are capable of.

Carrying Old Stuff

When you are carrying around old stuff in your core signature vibration that is not healed, processed and released you are still in resonance to that event / relationship / trauma and this will block your flow hugely.

Bad Stuff

When you have been under psychic attack due to other people’s jealousy or insecurity you can experience bad luck, sabotage and emotional or physical symptoms that seem random but are very real to you.

Being Stuck

When you can’t move on from a situation or relationship it’s likely that you are corded.

Now Ask Yourself These Questions...

Now ask yourself these questions –

Have you ever walked into a building and felt uncomfortable for no apparent reason?
Would you love to know how to change “negative” energy in your home or work place?
Have you had people in your life that drain your energy?
Would you love to learn how to cut cords with them in a loving way and stop that feeling?
Have you felt stuck, sabotaged or just plain unable to get out of a pattern?
Would you love to clear past life karma, heal old trauma and move on from the past?
Have you ever had a run of bad luck that will not lift?
Would you like to be able to protect yourself against Psychic Attack from others?
Have you still got fears or old wounds from past trauma that grips you in the now time?
Would you love to be able to heal this and walk free from your history?
Do you want better relationships, opportunities, income and wellbeing?
Have you heard of The Law of Attraction and want to work with it to improve your life hugely?
Do you want to know how to use crystals, oils and intention to heal your emotions, body, relationships and finances?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above then this program could be perfect for you.

Tell Me More About What Is Included In This Fantastic Programme….

Level 1 – Working With Energy

Level 1 Videos, MP3s and workbooks:-

Clearing energy in your home or workplace

Using a Dowsing Pendulum

Letting go of old beliefs to raise your vibration

Cord Cutting with people & situations

Energetically Re-Patterning yourself using Crystals, Oils & Intention

2 x Powerful Mind Programming Meditations

1 x Live Group Q&A Call / Google hangout with me to get your questions answered.

Level 2 Programme

All of level one ++++

Psychic Attack

Karmic Contracts & Past Life Issues

Walk Ins, Starseeds & Earth Angels

Releasing Lost Souls

Helping Others to Heal

Clearing Energy in the home and workplace

2 MORE Powerful Mind Programming Meditations
1 MORE Live Group Q&A Call / Google hangout with me to get your questions answered
AND 2 x Group Energy Re-Patterning Sessions

PLUS my Oracle Cards Programme thrown in at no extra charge (worth £99)

Team Support

Team Support!

No matter which level you choose you will have access to a private facebook group where we can support each other and practice the energy techniques we are using to gain confidence and to help us on our own journey.


I would LOVE to have you on board because I KNOW that this program will change the course of people’s lives in truly amazing ways. I am blessed to know that people have learned things from me that have helped them on so many different levels, and I want to reach more.

Maybe it’s the perfect time for you to make some massive positive change in your life?

Is your soul doing the happy dance?

Remember that the universe rewards action…..

If you’re ready, I’ll see you there.

Kate x

Grab Your Place Today – Doors Are Only Open Until 2nd December

Or Even Better – Upgrade to Level 2 & Get Both Level 1 & Level 2 And Some Fantastic Bonuses

Buy Now Level 2 - Pay In Full

Level 2 Buy Now - £299
Please note that by signing up to the payment plans you are committing to and obligated to making all of those payments.

You will receive immediate access to the full programme and therefore this is offered in full faith that you are committing to paying in full.

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